An active professional network


This page invites you to be part of the network of the ValoriDoc association.

During ValoriDoc sessions, the role of the network is emphasized. Specificaly, a professional network allows its members to contact each other, to meet, to exchange information…

If you have followed the ValoriDoc program, you have a Ph.D diploma, you have followed four days of employability training, and you have participated in the association activities. We believe these common patterns provide enough relationship to have everyone wish to stay in touch and develop discussion topics.

To facilitate contact and meetings, we propose you:
• to assert your membership of the ValoriDoc network on the LinkedIn social platform ;
• to meet several times a year in Grenoble for a networking meeting ;
• to participate in the “PhD & Co” sessions.

By participating in a “PhD & Co” session, you will meet each time a PhD professional who has been working several years with a private company. He/she will tell you his/her career path after the thesis, how his/her doctorate background helps to do the job, what he/she has learnt on the job, his/her future prospects, ... After a sequence of interacting questions and answers, participants and guest will meet informally around a friendly drink.

Here is the schedule of upcoming meetings:

Event / Guest


• PhD & Co - December 7, 2017
  Zine Bouhamri, Product Development Engineer, Aledia

Le Pav'San Restaurant

• PhD & Co - February 8, 2018
  Cheikh Diouf, Reliability Engineer, STMicroelectronics

Le Pav'San Restaurant

• PhD & Co - March 8, 2018
  Michael ACQUADRO, Research Engineer, Mapi SAS

Le Pav'San Restaurant

If you are interested, please register through the online form.

To reach the places mentioned above, please have a look at the directions.

If you wish (and volunteer), these meetings may take place more often and / or in other cities (Lyon, Paris,…).

Should you have any questions, please get in touch using the contact page.

Looking forward to meeting you soon,
Best Regards,
The ValoriDoc team

Marion Gabriel