The “PhD & Co” sessions

The Valoridoc association proposes a “PhD & Co” session on the second Thursday of each month, except during holiday periods. By participating in a “PhD & Co” session, you will meet each time a PhD professional who has been working several years with a private company. He/she will tell you his/her career path after the thesis, how his/her doctorate background helps to do the job, what he/she has learnt on the job, his/her future prospects, ... After a sequence of interacting questions and answers, participants and guest will meet informally around a friendly drink.


Here is the schedule of upcoming meetings:

• PhD & Co - December 7, 2017
Guest: Zine Bouhamri, Product Development Engineer, Aledia
Venue: Le Pav'San Restaurant
Zine BOUHAMRI defended in 2013 a thesis, topic “Transmission multi-standards sur lien optique bas-coût”, at UGA (EEATS). He joined ALEDIA ( 3 years ago as a product development engineer, where he manages projects on LED screens which are still confidential. He will speak of his professionnal experience so far and of what he has learnt when he completed his job search. Between his thesis and this first job, he volunteered in a sport club during 10 months.

• PhD & Co - February 8, 2018
Guest: Cheikh Diouf, Reliability Engineer, STMicroelectronics
Venue: Le Pav'San Restaurant
Cheikh DIOUF defended in 2013 his thesis at UGA (EEATS), working with the IMEP laboratory and STMicroelectronics. In march 2014 he started to work at CEA LETI with a three-year fixed term contract, again as a collaboration with STMicro. In march 2017, he joined STMicro as an engineer in charge of the reliability of microelectronic components.

• PhD & Co - March 8, 2018
Guest: Michael ACQUADRO, Research Engineer, Mapi SAS
Venue: Le Pav'San Restaurant
Michael ACQUADRO defended his thesis in 2016 at UGA (EDISCE). From the beginning of 2017 he has a permanent position at Mapi SAS in Lyon ( where he is conducting research to evaluate the quality of life for patients having specific diseases, or who are under treatment from pharmaceutical companies. During his PhD, Michael attended some PhD and Co sessions and found them “very useful”, he will talk to you about his job search efforts and the new environment he found in a private company.

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