A team close to you

ValoriDoc is a non-profit association managed by Ph.D professionals.

The members of the association board participated in the ValoriDoc program a few years ago, while preparing their Ph.D at the University. They hold today exciting positions in research, education, industry, sales, management, recruitment and many other fields.

Through their commitment, they intend to support the concept of this program which provides Ph.D applicants with training and support towards employability. Their goal is to help Ph.D students and professors to enhance the value of the Ph.D diploma in a professional context, and to offer contacts, support and advice for this purpose.

Quentin Rafhay  Stéphanie Roche  Marie-Rose Caputo  Dominique Fleury
Adriana Warzecha  Véronique Sendra  William Van Den Daele  Vanessa Windscheid