A team of experienced trainers and mentors

The mentors and trainers hold or have held high positions within private companies, public authorities or academic institutions, in key functions such as Human Resources, Research, Development, Production, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Organization, Education, Training or General Management. They have extensive experience of corporate culture and recruitment process. They're all aware of the strengths of the Ph.D experience.

The Team

Permanent team: Pierre Homsi, Patrick Malaureille, Gérard Combet, Marc de Zélicourt, Philippe Chinkirch

Pierre Homsi   Patrick Malaureille   Gérard Combet   Marc de Zélicourt   Philippe Chinkirch

You will also meet Serge Boivineau, Sylvie Bénezeth, Guy Cuvècle, Jeanine Rey, Pierre Laty, Sylvie Fuzier, Eric Régent, Danièle Chatin, Jean Leroy, Laurence Péru, and many others through the various activities planned.

Serge Boivineau   Sylvie Bénezeth   Guy Cuvècle   Jeanine Rey   Pierre Laty
Sylvie Fuzier   Eric Régent   Danièle Chatin Jean Leroy   Laurence Péru